George Zoghby for District Judge

George Zoghby had over 25 years of experience as a lawyer and decided to run for the newly opened District Judge position. Emulous Creative was brought on board to fill the gaps in social media and other aspects of the campaign. At that time, the social media had images where the logo was cropped out of thumbnails. Moving forward to handle some graphic design work for social media we also identified the logo file was not a proper vector-based image. Our goal moving forward was to create consistency with the branding on all of Zoghby’s social presence.

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Cleaning up the logo was the start of the branding work. We recreated the logo in Adobe Illustrator to have a vector-based logo. A logo that could now be increased and decreased in size without the fear of pixelation occurring. After gaining a proper logo to work with, we simply place the logo in the middle of the artboard and created a radial gradient going from a medium-grey outside to a white interior. This simple graphic would now naturally draw the eye into the center where the logo was placed. The gradient would also act a natural border to keep the image from blending into the page.


On social media, we wanted to raise awareness of those who supported Zoghby. This lead to the creation of the “profile frame.” We utilized a bold red color to help capture attention. The logo was placed to help identify the campaign. The tag line at the top helped to reenforce the campaign’s slogan. 

We also wanted to have facts about Zoghby that would inform voters to come out systematically before election day. To do this, we create countdown graphics. The graphics were branded with Zoghby’s logo, the number of days left until the election and finally the simple message of “vote.” The fact about Zogby would appear in the copy of the post to keep the graphics clean.