What can we do for you?

Today, there are so many ways to deliver your message to the public. Choosing the correct medium is just as important as how you craft your message. At Emulous Creative, we take pride in carefully creating and delivering your message. Our goal is a simple one, we want to make sure you get the right message out so your desired audience will not only see it but engage with it. Today, it isn’t enough to just get your message out, you need to make sure it is tailored for your audience to ensure maximum results.

How can we help?

Strategy and Planning

To us, planning and strategy is the most important part of any campaign. Your plan is how we know what our objective is, but your strategy is how we will work with you to achieve your goals. We will work alongside our clients to map out three main points:

  1. Discover who you want to market to accomplish
  2. Find out what you want your message to look, sound and feel like
  3. Discuss options on how to deliver your message.

A proper plan will give us a timeline to keep the project flowing smoothly, so you can spend less time worrying about the ins and out of advertising and focus on what you do best.

Video Production

A video is one of the best ways to reach out to your desired audience. If made correctly, a video can be used to captivate the attention of your audience while educating or reinforcing your brand.

Commercial Production

Commercials allow you to make a concise message about a sale or event. When it comes to informing the public about something special your business or organization is a part of, there are few options that hold the power of a commercial.

Promotional Video Production

Having a promotional video allows you to address the audience about a topic or program, while allowing you the option to show them what you are talking about. By showing the people involved, and aspects of a topic or program, you can begin to develop a trust between you and the public.

Educational Video Production

Educational videos are a great way to demonstrate a principle within an organization. Making training videos can show your new members how to jump in to complete their job while saving the trainer the time of individually going over the topic every time you bring in a new member of your team.

Graphic Design

If you are looking to make a logo, business cards, create a promotional fly or even a billboard to attract attention to your event, you need to have the right graphic design. Your design should be built around your organization’s image, not some template. Our artists have the knowledge and ability to give you not only what you want, but what you need to attract your desired audience.

Social Media

Social media is how many of us stay up to date about what is going on around us, how our friends are and what trends we just can’t miss out on. How you want to use social media is up to you, but running your own social media can cost you more time than you realize. However, there is no greater way to stay in touch with your customers than social media. Using a mixture of graphic design, video production and photography you can enhance your message into something that is more appealing to look at.

Web Design and Development

In today’s digital age, your website is just as important as your physical address, and in some cases, it is more important. Just about everyone has the internet in their pocket these days. Web design has changed over the years to go from computer screens to mobile devices and anywhere in between. This is why modern web design focuses on a “responsive” design that flows from screen to screen no matter the size. But having a website that just fits on any device is not enough. Our focus is to deliver you a site that is clear and easy to navigate.

Media Placement

Media buying and placement is one of the most important parts of advertising. It is what determines who sees your ads. With options like radio, television, print, digital and social media, there is a myriad of combinations that you can choose to find your right mix. But building a relationship with those companies is a long and tedious process. Luckily, we have already gone out and established those relationships over the years, so you can get back to what matters, your business.