The Proper Use of Video in Content Marketing

The Marketer’s Field Guide is our very own podcast produced by Chase Webster and Josh Dunn. The ‘Proper Use of Video’ covers a few key points about integrating video into your content marketing strategy. 

Why use video?

Videos can help build an audience for your brand. Video marketing has three main points that make it so desirable. It is:

  • Powerful
  • Influential
  • A great “Show and Tell”

Videos bring your subject to life through a unique combination of storytelling and visuals. By utilizing strong visuals, you can capture your audience’s attention. When coupled with a narrative, your videos can lead to more engagement with your audience. Finally, video’s “show and tell” capabilities result in improved retention with your viewers.

What is the secret formula to a successful video?

There is more to making a video than simply recording. Successful video marketing is a result of:

  • Strategy and Execution
  • Setting goals
  • Adding entertainment without diluting your message
  • Trimming the “fat”

Planning out your thoughts and knowing your goal will help you get to the point. By getting to the point quickly, you can make your video content more engaging by adding in some entertainment. Cut out any pauses or mistakes and polish your final video. Now you have great content that gets to the point and is entertaining.

What are some common mistakes to watch out for?

Even if you plan out your videos, you can still find yourself with low engagement. Some common mistakes we have seen include:

  • Just filming for the sake of being video
  • Rushing a project
  • Going “over the top” in your delivery

While video is powerful, sometimes you do not have enough content or time to make a video. Rushed videos may skim through the planning stages, lead the presenter to be underprepared, or even keep the editor from being able to add in the entertainment that your audience expects. Presenter’s going “over the top” is another common mistake and can be awkward for your viewers. As a result, they may stop watching the video or you could end up with your subject becoming more of a joke.

How can video enhance your brand?

If you are looking to create content to enhance your brand and connect with your target audience, video is a great option. Videos rank great with search engines and can make seo friendly websites. With proper planning, videos can enhance your marketing efforts and elevate your brand.

Do you have any thoughts or questions you like to share?

We are very excited to be able to bring you this podcast and would love to hear your feedback. Please contact us if there is a topic you like to hear about or any questions you have about anything you heard in this episode.