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Emulous Creative is an advertising agency located in Mobile, AL. Carefully balancing art and science, we are always pushing the limit to find a new and better way to find success. We believe you need to be able to measure your efforts to know if you are achieving your goals, but we also believe marketing is fun and exciting! So if you are looking to remove the stress and frustration from advertising, we can help.

So what do we do?

Helping our clients accomplish their goals and achieve success is what drives us. We utilized content marketing with a healthy mixture of digital and social media marketing strategies. Our marketing technique helps us to keep your branding consistent while allowing your campaigns to help each other reach a higher potential than possible on their own.
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Content Marketing

We all know that content is the heart and soul of advertising. We think your message should be as unique as your business. Our focus is to make sure your ads look and/or sound amazing. Using creative solutions to reach your audience is what we are all about!

> Copywriting

> Graphic Design

> Photography

> Video Production

> Audio Production

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Digital Marketing

The internet is literally everywhere! Luckily, we know how to make sure your company can stand out. Our team is constantly learning the latest trends to keep you up to date. Now we want to let our experience be your guide when setting up your next digital marketing campaign.

> Web Design

> Web Development



> Email Marketing

> Text Marketing

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Social Media

Creating and maintaining a successful social media strategy is a lot of work and time. Let us take away the burden so you can focus on the fun part. Our team is ready to bring a full range of tools to help you connect with our community through the power of social media!

> Social Media Management

> Social Media Strategy

> Social Media Marketing

> Social Media Insights

Looking for more information?

Knowledge is power, and we believe in sharing that knowledge. By providing business owners with information and insights into different marketing approaches, they become empowered to make better decisions. This is why we take the time to write our blogs, record podcasts or produce informational videos.

Read our blog posts!

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Our written blogs are designed to give you tips, tricks, and pointers on how to make better business decisions with your marketing efforts.
Digital Marketing Checklist

Digital Marketing Checklist

Emulous Creative’s Digital Marketing Checklist is a quick guide to help you digitize your company and find success online. Full of tips to help you market during COVID-19.

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Should you hire a local advertising agency?

Should you hire a local advertising agency?

Should you hire a local advertising agency?Finding the right person or team to help your business is a delicate process. You are probably looking for someone who is knowledgeable, will work with you and your team, and most importantly someone who is budget-friendly....

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Listen to our podcast!

Our podcast, The Marketer’s Field Guide, was created with the simple intent of providing quick highlights on certain topics, ranging from common mistakes we see made to new trends that are becoming popular. We just wanted to create something that is easy to listen to and helpful for business owners.
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Marketer’s Field Guide – Social Media in Advertising

Marketer’s Field Guide – Social Media in Advertising

In this episode of the Marketer’s Field Guide, we turn our attention to social media. How does social media impact your business? What is the difference between social media management and social media marketing? We answer these questions and share our thoughts on how we take on social media as professionals.

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Listen to our full library of podcasts!

Looking to hear more? We have more shows available for you to listen to covering topics on advertising and marketing, branding, graphic design, video production, photography, web design, web development, social media, and more.

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