Content Marketing

The best way to define content marketing is to split up the two words content and marketing. Content is anything you see or hear that was created. Marketing is an effort to promote an organization.

When you see a video or a social media post, that is content marketing. At Emulous Creative, we believe your content should be the cornerstone that builds the brand. Great content captivates the target audience and is recallable.

How can the right content marketing strategy help grow your business?

We all know the saying, “no two snowflakes are exactly alike.” This is true for your business. Your products or services may be similar to a competitor, but the way you execute your plan should be different because you are different. 

When thinking about creating content, you need to know who you are talking to and what you want to say. These two elements are the heart and soul of content marketing strategy. It will allow you to create a better user experience that leads to brand awareness. Resulting in better conversions.

Types of Content Marketing

Making content can come in many forms. Each type of content serves its purpose but when you are looking at a finished product, multiple types will be used and blend together fluidly. 
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Copywriting, simply put, is the written words you see and hear in advertisements, but it is more than just the marketing messages. A good copywriter knows how to move an audience to take action. Knowing when to use buzzwords to capture attention, knowing when to implement active or passive speech, all to explain the benefits of your product to consumers.

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Graphic Design

Graphic design is about problem solving. Each design project needs to be unique to keep your brand from becoming stale. This is done by combining the copy, colors, illustrations and/or photographs together in an easy to digest graphic art. The designs created don’t need to be works of fine art either. They just need to resonate with the audience and capture their attention so the message can be delivered.

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When taking photos for marketing purposes, the desired result is detailed out. Marketing photography will also include more post processing to bring out the best in each image.When a photographer captures an image, the goal is to capture the emotional appeal as well as the visual appeal. This changes how a professional photographer will approach each project.

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video production

The most popular type of content is video marketing. Video marketing is the use of videos to market a product or service to the target audience. Using a video marketing campaign leads to more engagement from consumers and higher results from a call to action. Making video marketing one of the most cost effective marketing methods.

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Audio Production

Audio producers are responsible for recording audio for sound effects, voice overs, jingles and even music beds. They will mix and master these audio recordings in post production to create the final piece that you will hear as a stand alone piece of content or something that will be combined with a video.

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