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What do we mean when we say advertising?

Advertising can mean a variety of different things. It can be tv commercials, social media, radio commercials, website banners, newspaper/magazine ads, or paid search engine rankings. When we talk about advertising, we are talking about purchasing time on a platform to share your message with the public. These media buys, as we call them, are purchased with the purpose of reaching your target audience.

What makes advertisements effective?

One thing is certain, a good advertising campaign starts with your product/service. Agencies use research to find the best method to deliver your ad. Learning when and where to deliver an ad is crucial. This determines if you want to be on traditional or new media.

What is traditional media?

The term traditional media refers to television, radio and print platforms. Traditional media provides an amazing reach to the community you are advertising to. Look at the super bowl, for example, many (if not more) of the audience watch the bowl game for the commercials. The number of viewers far exceeds what is expected as a reach for digital and social platforms.

What is new media?

Modern advertising looks at social media with other digital platforms. Digital and social (new media) marketing are a great platform to connect with your customers on a more direct ad campaign. Modern advertising provides businesses with a chance to tailor their message from a broad audience to a narrow and specified audience. Ad campaigns can also receive more information on their audience, and adjust their campaign to become more influential.

What is our focus?

As an advertising agency, our focus is to help maximize the reach and frequency of your ads. Your budget and message will help us determine how to create your market strategy. Strong creative will help to engage your audience in a way that reach and frequency cannot do alone. Altogether, these are the keys to convincing customers that your brand is the right fit for their needs.

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